Podcast Featuring John Leguizamo, Derf Backderf, and Charles Kochman


In a live show filmed during the Miami Book Fair at The Swamp, Joseph Lapin interviewed author and illustrator Derf Backderf, Abrams ComicArts editorial director Charles Kochman, and actor/director/author John Leguizamo. In the podcast, Backderf talked about the inspiration for his graphic novel Trashed; Charles Kochman discussed his editorial relationship with his authors; and John Leguizamo replayed parts of his creative journey and the challenges and inspirations for his graphic novel Ghetto Klown. The music was provided by DJ Lolo. Thanks to our producer Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello, our announcer Guillermo Cancio-Bello, and all the folks at the Miami Book Fair, including Lissette Mendez and Lisa Palley. Stay tuned for more podcasts and updates on future live shows.