EP 3: Interview with the Executive Producer of Key and Peele and Author Jay Martel


Jay Martel, the executive producer of the hit comedy show Key and Peele, was a guest on the third episode of The Working Poet Radio Show alongside Flula Borg, Pamela Ribon, and musical guest John Rossiter. The latest episode was on comedy and the creative life, and Martel discussed his novel Channel Blue, working as a gardener for Richard Nixon, and producing Key and Peele as well as the creative life of a comedian. He also discussed his work with Michael Moore and issues like gun control and the role of comedy in a political world. WPRS is hosted by Joseph Lapin and sponsored by the Literature & Fiction Department at the Los Angeles Public Library. We explore the working lives of creative people. You can watch the full episode, including music from the great John Rossiter, here: Working with Humor